Competition Class

Unlock your full potential and take your Taekwondo skills to the highest level with our comprehensive Competition Class.

Whether you’re an aspiring Kyorugi (Sparring) or Poomsae (Forms) athlete, this elite program is designed to prepare dedicated athletes for regional, national and international competitions, combining intense physical training with strategic preparation and mental conditioning.

Kyorugi (Sparring) Competition Training:

Advanced sparring techniques and strategies
Strength and conditioning exercises tailored for competitive sparring
Mental preparation and competition stimulation drills
Guidance on tournament rules, regulations, and scoring systems
Developing self-confidence, courage and perseverance

Poomsae (Forms) Competition Training:

In-depth analysis and refinement of traditional and modern Poomsae forms
Emphasis on accuracy, power, and aesthetic presentation
Development of concentration, balance, and breath control
Guidance on competition rules, scoring criteria, and judging standards

Our world-class instructors, many of whom are former champions and accomplished competitors themselves, will guide you throughout your journey to refine your skills, develop effective strategies, and cultivate the mindset of a true competitor.

Key Benefits:

Elevated physical conditioning
Mastery of advanced offensive, defensive, and artistic techniques
Development of strategic thinking, adaptability, and mental focus
Exposure to high-level competition environments
Opportunity to represent at major tournaments

Join our Competition Class to push towards excellence, where dedication, discipline and passion converge to create champions.

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